Candidate statement for voting representative of Democrats Abroad France

My name is Jeff Steiner and I’m running for DPCA voting representative. I joined DA’s Taxation Task Force (TTF) in 2022. I want to make Residency Based Taxation a reality. As part of my activism I set up TTF events on DA’s website. I have so far helped raise more than $22,000 for DA.

Because the American tax code is based on citizenship, not residency, Americans outside the US are forced to file taxes in our home countries and the US. Often we have no US tax burden but must pay an accountant to help with US tax filings. We also have to report ‘foreign’ bank accounts that are in our home countries. Also we have the real possibility of having our bank accounts closed or a smaller choice of banks because of FATCA. None of this is right and the US shouldn’t be one of two countries in the world with a tax system based on citizenship and not residency. This discrimination of Americans abroad must stop.

I have lived in France for over 20 years and work for an NGO based outside France. I would appreciate your support by voting for me on April 1st.