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Jeff Steiner

So who am I? I'm an American living in France, La Roche sur Foron (near Geneva) at the moment. Over the last fifteen years I have learned a lot about living and traveling in France. Which is why I've created over 50 web sites and an ebook (see below) to help you. I'm originally from Los Angeles and have lived outside the United States before - Nicaragua in the early 1990's.

My philosophy is simple I'll give you the 'straight' info, no rose colored glasses and you decide if France is right for you. I'll tell you what I've seen and let you decide if you'd like to visit. I'll tell you about daily life in France and you decide if living here is right for you.

Autrefois - France of Yesteryear & Today: Discover France as it once was and is today. This 'Tour de France' of 101 sets of then and now photos takes you from Paris to Bordeaux to the Alps and beyond.
French Road Signs: This ebook teaches you the 'grammar' of French road signs, so you'll be able drive more safely and get to where you want to go in France with less stress. The 200+ French road signs that are translated into English are some of the common found in France.

Americans in France - Resource for people that would like to live or travel in France.

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